There is no doubt that Apple is the undisputed leader across the world in the smart phone segment. The company has managed to attain the same level of progress in the sphere of smart watches as well. The watches are selling like hot cakes and the profits are doubling up with each passing year. According to the CEO of Apple, the wearables segment of Apple has now reached the size of a Fortune 500 company. The Apple Watch Series 3 is being hugely anticipated across the world and tech enthusiasts are already looking forward to the features of this watch which can change the outlook of the world towards smart watches.

Some of the features that people are looking forward to seeing in the much hyped Apple watch 3 are

  • LTE connectivity – The new series of wearbles from Apple will have LTE connectivity which can make networking much easier and this feature can be considered to be a boon for people who wish to stay connected always. The addition of LTE and 4G feature can convince more customers to invest in Apple watches which can cause an increase in the profits of the company. But according to people accustomed with the technology of Apple, addition of LTE services can make the battery of apple watches to drain faster. One should only wait patiently to see how the problem gets solved.
  • Smart bands – Apple is also planning to introduce Glucose monitoring feature in its upcoming range of wearables. A camera band is also on the cards .So also is a band that will have a battery which can extend the battery life in case the battery drains off while the person is outside and is wearing his smart watch.
  • Display – already Apple watches are considered to the have the best display options. The company is planning to take it a step further by introducing micro LED display in its newest smart watches. People are of the opinion that the new range of wearables will have a glass film touch solution unlike the glass panel that was found its previous models.

Irrespective of the new features, Apple fans all across the world are waiting patiently to lay their hands on the Apple watch wearables that are going to change the phase of the next generation.