Most people just buy vacuum cleaner without thinking over the model and features that they really need. Their common notion is that as long as it can vacuum properly, anything else does not matter anymore. This mindset sometimes leads to difficulties when using the product later.

For instance, if you find yourself living under a house full of corners or lacking space, then a regular model of vacuum will give your difficulties. There are two types of vacuum cleaners: the upright or canister model and the backpack model. This article is focused more on the efficiency of the backpack model. If you find yourself in difficulty when using the canister vacuum, then, you should consider switching to backpack vacuum cleaner in order to finish your daily chores with ease.

Advantages of Backpack Models

This type is widely preferred by specialist who needs a lot of walking when cleaning. Some models intently designed for home weighs for only less than 10 lbs, yet, it has a high vacuum power with a lot of add on features. This model will also prevent you from being tied down because of the cords and more waste of time for you to look for outlets whenever transferring to another place. Moreover, you will be able to bring the vacuum to spaces you do not consider using an upright cleaner such as cars, tight corners, under furniture, or even on top of ceiling.

Another feature of backpack vacuum cleaner is that some model is designed with special filtration system that prevents the user from allergies that even surpasses many of its counterparts. In other words, you will be allowed to eliminate dust particles preventing you from experiencing allergy problems.

It’s Popularity

Comparing from its floor counterpart, the backpack vacuum cleaner is not widely popular because of simple reasons. First of all, the model is not widely available over the market and to some popular retailers compared to the model’s counterpart. Secondly, when people are browsing for models of vacuum cleaners to shop whether online or from the retailers, the backpack models are not widely displayed. Thus, customers are left with no awareness that such model exists. Lastly, whenever they are found displayed, they seem to be heavy and difficult to use. Thus, people avoid from trying them out.

Nevertheless, you will never know how easy for this model to use unless you try them out. There are excellent selections of this model that are available online and other retailer’s websites together with their pricing and model descriptions.