Toys should be chosen for young kids in such a way that they should match their developmental stages according to their age. Many of the safe and appropriate toys are available in the market these toys. Also creative parents can build toys out of household materials like cardboard boxes, lids, plastic bowls, plastic bottle caps and other things. Each child develops at his or her own pace. Hence the choice of childrens toys should be also based on their individual needs.

Babies in general like to observe the faces of people. They prefer to see bright coloured things and these things grab their attention .Hence the best developmental toys for babies comprises of things like rattles, large rings, squeeze toys, soft dolls, teething toys, board books etc. They also love to listen to lullabies and simple songs

Once a baby crosses the six month milestone, he starts to explore things. He loves to roll over, scoot, bounce, creep etc. They understand their names, can identify his or her body parts, find hidden objects etc. Hence the toys suitable for babies of this age group are dolls, puppets, plastic and wooden vehicles, plastic bowls, large beads, balls, large soft blocks, wooden cubes, push and pull toys etc. to name a few.

1 year old kids on the other hand love to listen to stories and they like to play next to other kids. These kids can enjoy board books, song recordings, washable markers, crayons, toy phones, dolls, doll beds, puppets, plastic animals, cardboard and wooden blocks etc.

2 year old kids love to solve problems with wood puzzles, blocks that snap together, construction toys, picture books, CD and DVD players with a lot of music. Large and small balls for kicking and throwing, ride on equipments, tunnels, low climbers, pounding and hammering toys etc.

Preschoolers and kids going to kindergarten have excellent attention spans when compared to toddlers. These kids love to experiment with things and have very good physical skills.