In general, IQ is an assessment of a person’s ability to think and reason. IQ score is a way to compare the ability of a particular person with the majority of people who belongs to the same age group. IQ tests were generally introduced to check the mental ability of children and help them in a school curriculum.

IQ full form is Intelligence Quotient. There are many ways to test the IQ of a person but most of the tests will include a number of problems that should be solved in a given time under the set of instructions and supervision. The various tests will include the verbal knowledge, short term memory, perceptual speed and spatial visualization. The IQ score will be obtained by the set of the scores from all the tests. If you want to get a high IQ score then some of the brain exercises will help you to fulfill your wish. Here are some of the ways that you could follow to enhance your IQ.

Simple workouts like yoga, running, cycling and swimming can make you smarter. Few researches shows that the physical exercises will improve the cognitive health and enhances the brain functionality. Increased oxygen intake, release of various hormones will apparently increase the molecular levels of your brain. It is believed that the exercises will modulate the metabolic mechanisms that supports the brain functionality. Don’t depend much on the devices, many devices have taken away our chances of doing works making our brains to be lazy. Practicing to solve the mathematical problems by hand will help your brain to do some specific functions of calculations.

Games such as sudoku, chess, crossword puzzles are often recommended to improve the logical thinking. All these games will increase IQ, executive functions, working memory and the processing speed of a person. Meditation can be considered as a form of brain exercise as they involve controlling the mind of a person to increase the concentration. Try learning new things everyday, You can learn anything from craft, new language or any new hobby. Challenge your brain by doing daily routine in a different way, this will help your brain to function and adopt to the different practices.

All these tips will surely help you to keep your mind sharp, focus strong, concentrate more and your memory fresh.