Digital picture frames have changed the way one looks at photos. People no longer use old albums made of plastic or paper to save photos or take print outs of photos. Photos captured using digital cameras can be easily stored in devices like computers, hard discs, mobile phones, iPads etc. But one cannot see them on a regular basis. This is where digital picture frames are helpful. You can transfer pictures to digital picture frames using a USB device or a memory card. Then once you hit the play button, the pictures appear on the screen in the form of a slide show.

Numerous models of digital picture frames are available in the market these days. One is often confused about the choices when it comes to purchasing digital picture frames. Some of the latest versions manufactured by some of the renowned names in the industry have very good memory and additionally they also built in audio players. This makes it possible to listen to music while watching photos. Digital picture frames are no longer limited to viewing photos or listening to music. Some of them are also equipped to play videos. This can help people to watch movies or any other videos of their choice using just a digital picture frame. Many of these digital picture frames have motion sensors as well which switches the device off and on according to the movement detected in a room. Also digital picture frames come with a remote control and a stand. Hence these types are ideal gift choices for old people or people with mobility issues.

Digital picture frames when used to watch videos, give the feeling of watching something over a computer or the screen of a tablet. Digital picture frames gained massive popularity after they were designed to play music in 2008.Its popularity is going to soar further in the coming years owing to itas video transmission feature. The sales of these devices are increasing with each passing day.

If you intend to purchase a digital picture frame to watch videos, you have to consider the size, resolution and display technology of the frame prior to that. You can select from a frame resolution of 640 by 480 pixels to 1,280 by 1,024 pixels, but try to purchase a frame with active matrix thin film transistor display technology. After purchasing a frame, the next step is to load the movies you wish to play in the digital picture frame using compatible devices like USB or memory cards.

Now locate the movie on the list of items that are displayed on the screen and hit the play button. But one should understand that most of the video enabled digital picture frames only supports the videos which are stored in the format of MOV, AVI,MPEG1 or MPEG4.On the contrary, videos shot by camcorders are usually in the format of DV, WMV or MOD/TOD. To convert these videos to the format supported by digital picture frames, one should make use of a video converter which is available easily. One can download them from the computer and use them to play videos.