Canada is a wonderful country. It is home to some of the best educational institutions in the world. The country is economically sound, has a very good health care and education systems in the world etc. This is one of the reasons why it has emerged a s a popular destination amongst immigrants. Students from different countries like to visit Canada for their higher education as it has one of the best educational institutions in the world.

In order to study in Canada, one has to apply for a study permit. But this visa is not required if you wish to study in a programme that lasts six months or less. But for students who are not sure of the duration of the program or who wish to pursue further programs, a student visa is a must. In order to become eligible to obtain a student visa a candidate has to fulfil the following requirements.

A candidate must have been accepted by an educational institution in Canada prior to applying for a visa. He or she must furnish proof that they have enough money to pay for the tuition, fees and living expenses for themselves and their family members. Also a candidate must demonstrate that they have enough funds to pay for their return journey. They should not have any criminal records or should prove to be a risk for the security of the country. He or she should be ready to take up a medical exam and should be of a sound general health. Also an applicant will be granted a student visa only if he or she plans to leave the country soon after their education gets completed. The immigration policy is quite student friendly in Canada.

Un some cases after the completion of their educations, students can do internships by applying for a different visa or seek employment opportunities in the country. The application process for a student visa is simple and can be done online using Immigration Ways. But in order to increase the probability of the visa getting accepted, a candidate can get in touch with an immigration lawyer who can guide them well through the documentation process.

You can apply for a study visa online or through a paper application. The online application is faster. You should have a letter of acceptance from the university. Also you should obtain an application from the Canadian embassy or the local visa office in your country of residence. You have to answer a few questions in the Canadian immigration website. Then you have to submit the list of documents.