Cardarine was initially discovered as a result of research between GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. It is considered to be a PPAR receptor agonist and is also well known by another name which is the GW501516.It was initially developed to aid in the treatment of cardiovascular issues. But while the research was being conducted on this it was found that Cardarine can actually double up as a wonderful endurance booster. People who were making use of this supplement began to obtain incredible gains from this supplement especially while performing cardiovascular exercise.

Cardarine works with a group of receptors in the PPAR receptor site and it also interacts with PGC – 1a enzyme. It reacts with these components to manipulate the gene expression which is a result of interaction between thyroid and steroid hormones which in turn can handle gene expression related to energy expenditure. In easier terms, cardarine helps by providing great energy which in turn can aid by prolonging the workouts.

Studies conducted on rats went on to prove that the supplement can boost the metabolism of fatty acids in rats. Cardarine was also quite effective in reducing the obesity levels even in those with terrible eating habits. It can also help in preventing the incidence of type 2 diabetes. In another study conducted with monkeys, the compound raised the levels of good cholesterol and effectively lowered the amounts of bad cholesterol. These effects seemed to prevail even if a person does not exercise on a regular basis.

Cardarine is great for people who are into cardio training. On taking the supplement you will see a tremendous increase in endurance and ability which in turn helps you to train for longer periods of time. Cardarine is also found to negate the bad effects in people consuming Trenbolone which is a drug that is responsible for affecting the cardiovascular capacity.