People who love to drink coffee will always know that the best tasting coffee is often obtained from freshly ground coffee beans. A coffee grinder is an important piece3 of equipment for any and every coffee lover. It is advisable for them to carry a small grinder with them whenever they travel. This way they can make sure that there is no dearth of fresh coffee wherever they go. All coffee grinders are not the same and there exists a major difference between doser and doserless coffee grinders.

Doser grinders usually comprise of a container that catches the coffee after it is ground. There exists a doser mechanism at the bottom of the container which portions out ground coffee. It will have a lever which can be flipped open or close in order to dispense one dose at a time into the container of your choice. This container can be either an espresso machine portafilter or a drip machine filter basket.

Freshness – If you are not careful about the amount of coffee that is required, you are bound to leave certain grounds in the container until the next time when you use it to dispense a new batch. This however goes waste as coffee lovers usually do not like to use pre ground coffee that is stored for a long time.

Cleanability – Doser grinders usually comprise of a grounds container and other moving parts when compared to a doserless grinder. Thus a lot of work is involved in cleaning a machine with a doser compared to that without a doser.

Price – Doser machines are more complex and are built with more moving parts. They are also priced higher when compared to doserless machines. This price difference might be insignificant but it is still worth considering.