Hypoallergenic foods are these days produced by most of the pet food companies. It should be however understood that not every hypoallergenic food will work for every dog. Hypoallergenic foods are however easier for dogs to digest and even absorb. Hypoallergenic food generally refers to a group of food stuffs which still contain potential allergens but their molecular structure is so small that the dog’s body fails to recognize this food. Hypoallergenic dog food stuffs are manufactured by breaking down or hydrolyzing the proteins.

The term hydrolyzed protein refers to a type of protein that is further broken down into amino acids which are very small .This protein provides all the essential amino acids that is required by the dog. There is no specific legal definition when it comes to hypoallergenic foods. But you should check for hydrolyzed ingredients on the package. If it contains more than one protein source, then food is not considered to be hypoallergenic.

Food allergies in pets can result in a wide array of problems ranging from chronic itchy or infected skin to ear infections, stomach or digestive problems and many more. Some of the most common food stuffs that cause allergies in pets are beef, dairy products, chicken and wheat products. Allergy in either humans or dogs occur as a result of a fault in the immune system. The immune system of a dog falsely overreacts to a harmless substance and recognises it to be harmful. In some canines and even humans, the immune system tends to be overly sensitive in some species leading to allergies. It is impossible to know about the food that the dog may be allergic to. This is one of the reasons why doctors suggest an elimination diet which can be effective in determining the food allergens.