Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destination for travelers seeking the peace of mind and tranquility. Thailand sees thousands of visitors every year and the number of visitors never seemed low. This mesmerizing place is a blend of natural scenic beauty, golden beaches, religious temples, compelling of cosmopolitan culture and mouth watering delicacies. The tropical climate and excellent accommodation facilities make Thailand a best tourist hub in the World.

The trip to Thailand would be incomplete without visiting Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Bangkok is the most thriving metropolis in Thai, this bustling city offers enormous opportunities for shopping, clubbing and partying beside visits to ethnic and historical importance. You need to spend atleast 2-3 days to explore this big city, with glut of sightseeing places, shopping, detectable dining, your visit to Bangkok will be really pleasant. Along with these, exotic nightlife and Thai culture will leave you spell bounded.

To experience the natural wonder and relaxation, you can head to Kanchanaburi, Pattaya and Patong is land of pristine beaches. Along with the scenic beaches, Pattaya will let you enjoy Thai Massages, shopping and recreational water activities. Nightlife is also major attraction of Pattaya tour. Lop Buri is the historical place in Thai and is filled with acres of sunflower field making it beautiful.

Travelling within Thailand is very easy since the transportation is well organized. All modern mean of transportation are available which include travelling by train, bus, taxis, airplane and boats. All these modes of transportation are available with frequent departures, ideally you can book your preferred travelling mean from your home country but last minute arrangements are also possible with rapid city transfer Thailand without any hassles. The Thailand tour packages not only offers sightseeing destinations but also arrange best accommodation facilities in most charming hotels, resorts and inns in the country.

You can find all sorts of activities and entertainment in Thailand to add extra fun to your holiday. Jungle trekking, island hopping, paragliding, wind surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, cave explorations, elephant riding and much more. All these activities will definitely add up some extra bit of thrill and fun to your Thailand trip.