Front yard landscaping is vital for enhancing the overall appearance of a house. In countries like Australia, landscaped houses have been found to attract a higher price than those that are not. Front yard is often the first thing that people notice when they enter a property. Front yard landscaping also increases a person’s social status in society. Whether you wish to hire a landscape architect for the purpose, or you want to design the landscape yourself by spreading the process over several seasons, thoughtful planning before starting the process will yield good results in the long run

Front Yard landscaping tips

Given below are some of the tips that are vital for front yard landscaping

Make use of a limited number of species of flowering plants, shrubs or trees. Use not more than 10 species of perennials, three to five types of shrubs and one or two varieties of trees. Resist the temptation to buy different types of plants for front yard landscaping. A landscape with fewer species of plants holds together really well.

Invest your time in growing plant beds that span at least half the width of the house. Unlike popular assumption, planting plant beds is not at all labour intensive. It is very easy to grow and maintain these plant beds and they also appear pleasant for the eyes. They require lesser maintenance than the lawns also according to some landscape gardeners. Sweeping plant beds that extend from the home to the sidewalk or roadway is a sure way to keep the planting bed in pleasing scale with the house.

Plant bold blooming perennials near the sidewalk or roadway and also plant the same near the main door of the house. Keep repeating plant forms and textures throughout the garden to give it a well maintained and majestic look.

Create wide walkways leading to the front door and make the door appear as a focal point. Curved walkways are though joyful to traverse can lead to trampling of plants by outsiders or guests who will be visiting the property at night or for the first time in their lives. There is also the risk of front pathway getting trampled by kids or pets.

As much as possible try to plant trees or plants that stay evergreen even during the cold winter months. Get in touch with plant breeders who have such plants and also those types that require minimum annual pruning.