There are many portable pianos available in the market these days. It takes a lot of time and energy when it comes to choosing the best portable piano. Some of the things to consider while choosing the best portable piano are

Convenience or portability – Portability is the first factor to consider while choosing a portable piano. You should also consider its weight. It is wise to choose something that weighs less and also comprises of most of the features while choosing a portable piano. This way you can transport it easily from place to place. Some of these portable pianos can be also broken down into parts for the sake of storage purpose and this will also help in fitting inside a vehicle when you have to carry it for stage shows.

Cost – Portable pianos are generally cheaper than the bulky acoustic pianos. But still you have to consider it based on the features you require. Maintenance apart from dusting is not required for portable pianos. Acoustic pianos on the other hand require tuning from time to time which can be considered to be a costly issue.

Weighted keys – You should consider purchasing a piano with weighted keys. It means that the keys will have a weight associated with them. The acoustic keyboards have a similar feature. This also means that the keys are not made of cheap plastic.

Keyboard size – While choosing a portable piano, keep in mind that the piano must at least consist of 61 keys. It is not worthy to invest if it has keys that are less in number than this. But it should be considered a worthy investment if you get a portable keyboard with 88 keys.

Touch sensitivity – This feature means that when you play softly, the sound in the keyboard comes out softly and vice versa. Some inexpensive keyboards in the market do not have this feature. So look for this feature while investing in a keyboard.