It has been found that reverse osmosis water filtration system is the best choice of water filtration system that is currently available in the market. The simple filters available in the market are not capable of removing 99% of contaminants in the water just like how a reverse osmosis water purification system does.

There are numerous reverse osmosis systems that are available in the market today. Each one has to consider certain factors before investing in a reverse osmosis water filtration system. For one, you should consider the source water that comes to your home before choosing a reverse osmosis water purification system. In the US, city water and well water source are the two sources of water that is used in homes. In urban areas, city water comes from the nearby water treatment plant. This water will be thus treated before it reaches homes. In such cases it is a wise idea to use reverse osmosis filtration systems. In some sub urban areas water comes from private wells. In this case, water is slightly more contaminated. So one should take steps such as using a system with UV light sterilizer before making use of a reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Water pressure is another factor that is important for a reverse osmosis system to function properly. Tap water should have very good pressure to push the source water through the membrane. Only if water has good pressure, it will be able to filter the contamination and produce clean water. Many of the urban housing systems have tap that produce water with enough pressure that is suitable for a reverse osmosis water purification system. But in some places, pressure is not enough for purification through reverse osmosis water purification systems. If the water pressure is less than 40PSI, you have to look out for models which come with a booster pump.

Before choosing a reverse osmosis based water purification system, one should know about the contamination levels and the dissolved salts in water in a particular area. This will help you to choose a suitable reverse osmosis filter for your home. Some places will have more total dissolved salts in water than other places and one can make use of a TDS meter to check this. This will help in choosing a good reverse osmosis system. A reverse osmosis based water purification system is able to produce 50 gallons of water generally. But in most cases, RO water purification systems produce less than this, you have to choose the best one based on the needs of your family.