Salesforce has revolutionized the CRM space. Within a short span of time, it has emerged as the top CRM software replacing its competitors .This is because, it is based on cloud platform It does not need any IT experts to help you in using the software. It is very much customer friendly and has a drag and drop feature which enables people to customize the software for businesses easily. The popularity of salesforce is widespread on the web. It is now used invariably in multiple processes ranging from marketing communication to several others.

The usage of smartphones has increased drastically over the years and it has now even surpassed PCs. That is, the number of users using smart phones to obtain information has increased considerably compared to those who use computers. As a result most of the websites are releasing apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS enabled smart phones. The introduction of apps has transformed many businesses and some businesses are built entirely based on apps. Apps have made it easier for companies to communicate information.

Similarly Salesforce apps are also hugely in demand. A salesforce app developer can create apps for numerous websites in lesser time compared to app developers who use other softwares like Java. Moreover, salesforce apps are easy to create and customise owing to their drag and drop feature. Nevertheless a salesforce app developer is very much in demand as new websites are being launched every day.

The following points are designed to act as a guide for salesforce app developers who use the Apex tool

  • Apex is an object oriented programming language that enables a salesforce app developer to execute control statements on the server together with calls to the API
  • Apex can be called as Java for a salesforce app developer. Just like Java, you can program it to execute on the basis of a condition or using a block of code that has to run repeatedly. It uses variables, data types, classes and also if else statements. The only difference though is that, it enables a developer to add data and also interact with it on the platform’s persistence layer
  • Apex code can be run using many mechanisms by a skilled salesforce app developer. It runs in atomic transactions
  • Salesforce app developers can develop apex code in a sandbox. After debugging one can provide it for his customer in the form of packages