Skateboarding has emerged as a popular recreational sport over the years. The sport offers good thrills and is the favourite of both kids and teenagers alike. Many adults these days are also venturing out to try this attractive sport. There is a huge growing demand for skateboards and other accessories. Skateboarding even though, is a thrilling and enjoyable sport, it has its own set of risks. One should be careful enough to choose the right skateboard to avoid accidents.

Apart from skateboards, other skating gear like shoes, helmets, wristbands are also very much essential for a safe game. Ill fitting shoes or shoes made of inferior quality materials can cause accidents either by tearing down in between or by making the wearer to slip and fall. Shoes with good grip should hence be chosen by skaters irrespective of whether they are casual skaters or professional players.

Three types of shoes are available in the market currently for skaters .These are

High Top Shoes – These shoes are cut at a higher level than most other shoes. They end somewhere above the ankle. These shoes provide the best protection and stability which is one of the prime requirements of a skater. They have additional padding and these can aid in the safety and protection of ankles. These high top shoes can be also used as winter shoes as they provide the necessary warmth. They are suitable for both skating and winter use.

Mid Top Shoes – Mid Top shoes are slightly lesser in length than high top shoes. They have laces which fall just under the ankle. If you are one of those who feel that high top shoes can cause sweating, then mid top shoes is your best bet. They provide a good degree of stability, dampening and support in comparison with sneakers that are generally low cut. They are also good for the winter season as they can keep you warm and dry in the cold months.

Low Top shoes – These are light in weight and hence do not provide any padding or cushioning near the ankle. But the insoles are well structured to compensate for the loss and to provide a good enough grip.

The soles of shoes also play a vital role in providing the grip that is necessary to skate. The construction and texture of soles are responsible for the overall comfort of the wearer. The outsole of a shoe is very important for skaters. Air pads and shock absorbent cushioning are integrated in a skater’s shoe to provide grip, flexibility and stability for a skater.