Computer games these days need not downloaded but it can be played on the web browser instead. These are called browser games and a lot of gamers are hooked with this structure. The need to download and allocate a huge space for games in the hard disk is now taken for granted. With browser games, as long as there is internet and an available web browser, they can play anytime they want. Also browser games enables gamer to choose either single-player or having multiplayer.

Most of the browser games often played over the internet includes battles or defending a territory with the use of supernatural powers. Sometimes, the avatar needs to hunt items to make their character stronger and more reputable. These games are usually played by men in their teenage or even adult age. Their hunger for playing games is now interactive without having to physically exhaust them. They just need to have a stable broadband connection and they can play.

There are also other browser games which are more user-friendly and easy to use but for adults which involves real money to win. And aside from a stable internet connection, a flash player is also needed in order to enjoy their favorite browser games. To top it all, most of these browser games do not need any registration fee because it is all for free!

Between the two, a lot of people enjoy playing wherein they go on an adventure, engage in wars, and hunt for items and the like. Avid games lists out top-notch browser games that is usually visited and played by people worldwide.

  • zOMG!

This is created by Gaia Online wherein the characters or each gamer engaged in battles with enemies. What people like with zOMG is that there is a story line so it helps users to understand and know what they are fighting for. For avid anime readers, they will understand how the game is played since this browser game is mostly patterned after anime.

  • Neopets

This virtual game is fun and exciting for pet lovers. Users are able to create virtual pets where they can practically feed them, train them and take care of them.

  • Adventure Quest

This is another popular browser game worldwide because of the player interaction and they get to be like Indiana Jones who goes on a quest to look for something that their character needs.

  • Tribal wars

It is an online game wherein users will try to expand their empire but to do that, they need to gather the necessary resources and conquer the neighboring village. A lot of online gamers are often playing this browser game worldwide because of its story and fame.